Friday, 19 December 2008

The Working Manifesto; Part Two

I know it's probably a bit early for an update, but never mind. I was reflecting while in the shower on what the content of my blog should be about. I don't want a 'theme' blog necessarily, I think it should more be about the kind of stuff I like in general, and what I do with my time (only newsworthy stuff, obviously). In today's financial climate, there are a lot of us having to change the way we live in order to survive, but though we are spending less money, does it mean we are having less fun? My opinion is no, not at all. In fact I'm having more fun (maybe). On the bases that money ≠ fun, I add a new theme to the list discussed in part 1:
  • Cheap Thrills In London
It will not be a guide, or a method, or a list of cheap things to do. I will lead by example!

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